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We are the UofT branch of the world's largest university-based consultancy. We offer affordable consulting services to social enterprises, training students to become the leaders of tomorrow.


Digital Transformation

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Maximise Social Impact

Helping social organisations to solve their unique challenges.
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Equip Students

Offer students training, mentorship, and hands-on consulting experience.
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Bridge Differences

Connecting our world while building a diverse network.


Kristen Shi and Matthew Fok brought 180DC to UofT in 2016. This also brought 180DC to Canada, a network that now includes the University of Alberta, UBC, Waterloo, and most recently Western University. Kristen and Matthew, two economics students, simply wanted to expand consulting opportunities to students from all disciplines, tackling social issues in the process.

Within library meeting rooms, community centres, and local non-profit offices, one member turned into five. Five became twelve. 180 Degrees Consulting - University of Toronto now counts over 30 students as members, ranging from Marketing Specialists to Consultants.

Our diversity is our strength. We are comprised of first-year Rotman, third-year Industrial Engineering, fourth-year Economics and Geography, Public Policy, Masters, and exchange students from abroad. We believe that students from any field or background have the potential to face challenging cases, yielding positive results for themselves, our school, and our community.