We focus on helping social impact organisations. Here are some of the things we've done for wonderful non-profits, charities, and social enterprises.

Names and details redacted.

Youth Mentorship Charity


| Alumni engagement strategy

Youth Mentorship Charity image

We designed an alumni engagement strategy to help increase financial, skills-based, and volunteering contributions.

Community Centre


| Growth and branding strategy

Community Centre image

We identified fundraising and growth opportunities, structured strategic aims, and developed branding strategies for new programs.

Student Leadership Camp


| Go-to-market strategy

Student Leadership Camp image

We assessed the camp’s market position, curated a pricing strategy for new courses, and developed a marketing strategy.

Urban Environment Charity


| Branding and outreach strategy

Urban Environment Charity image

We refined the charity’s branding, marketing, and outreach strategy to increase the reach of their community engagement efforts.