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We are not currently recruiting for any position; these role descriptions are for reference only. Applications will open up towards the end of the semester, so follow us on LinkedIn or Facebook to stay updated!

  • Consulting Team Lead
  • Consultant
  • Graphic Designer
  • Marketing Associate
  • General Associate


    We select our team leads and consultants using a 3-stage interview process:

    1. Behavioural Questions (Google Form)
    2. Written Case (Google Form)
    3. Case Interview (in-person / video call)


    Each team lead manages a project team of 4-5 student consultants. Leads are responsible for organising meeting times, guiding team members, and directly contributing work towards completing engagements.

    Each team will work on 1-2 engagements during the school year, but will - at most - work on 1 project at any specific time. Team leads can expect to commit an average of 5-8 hours per week during engagements.

    Teams will meet monthly with industry mentors, presenting work-in-progress documents to receive guidance and feedback. Leads will take charge in this process, ensuring that work is prepared for these meetings.

    We are not seeking students from any particular discipline. Instead, we are looking for:
    Leadership: You will manage the team’s performance, delegating tasks and ensuring that work is completed on time and to your standards.
    Strategy: You will control the direction of the project. Team leads must analyse problems, identify root causes, and synthesise solutions.
    Commitment: Your actions set the standards and expectations for your team. As much as possible, we will ensure that workload is manageable e.g. having teams only work on one engagement at any specific time.

    Team leads greatly influence the quality of work that we deliver to clients, in turn underpinning the social impact that we generate. If you’re looking to learn about consulting, contribute to our community, and sharpen your leadership skills, apply now!


    Student consultants can expect to work on one to two engagements during the school year, receving professional workshops and mentorship in the process. Consultants will be expected to commit around 5 hours a week. Join us if you want to:

  • Gain hands-on consulting experience
  • Help drive real social impact in our community
  • Meet like-minded students, professionals, and more

  • We aren't looking for one type of student from one particular field of study. We simply look for driven, capable individuals who are passionate about bringing social impact.


    Graphic designers will drive the refinement of our branch's brand identity; this visual identity influences all aspects of our organization, from social media promotions to client deliverables.

  • Design posters, videos, or other promotional materials
  • Curate our brand and visual identity
  • Assist in the development of marketing strategies for 180DC

  • Passionate about design
  • Strong visual sense and experience with design (eg. Adobe Creative Suite)
  • Experience in marketing, sales, or social media management is an asset
  • Experience with photography/video editing is also an asset


    Marketing associates will drive our promotional and marketing strategy.

  • Manage our branch’s social media platforms
  • Promote events via social media
  • Develop marketing and branding strategies for 180DC

  • Proactive team member
  • High attention to detail and excellent written communication skills
  • Experience in marketing, sales, or social media management is an asset
  • Experience with photography/video editing is also an asset.


    Associates will generally be assigned to one of the following functions:

  • Assist with budgeting, financial planning, and reporting
  • Assist with club finances e.g. reimbursements
  • Excellent writing and communication skills

  • Plan and organize campus events
  • Excellent communication skills and must be comfortable with networking
  • Experience in an event planning or logistical role is an asset

  • Assist in student recruitment and onboarding
  • Experience handling recruitment processes is an asset

  • Expertise in all three areas is an asset but not a requirement. Associates can expect to gain experience in building organisational strategy, public relations management, and event management.