Marketing and Branding

50% of social impact organisations don’t have a defined marketing strategy, yet wish they did.*

Consistency is key

The admirable work of social enterprises should lead to dominant positions in marketing, communications, and brand building, yet this is rarely the case. Many organisations do not possess a dedicated marketing budget, staff, or strategy, leading to inconsistencies that can hinder efforts to attract resources and help the community.

How we can help

From the nuances of defining a long-term brand vision to developing social media marketing strategies, 180DC is eager to help you succeed in this space. Common improvements include:

  • Consistent public-facing image (website, publications etc.)
  • Clear communiation templates
  • Defined and coherent social media presence
  • Sustainable long-term promotional strategy

Your organisation exists for a reason. We want to help you fulfill that reason, and marketing is an indispensable part of the equation.

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*Source - Social Enterprise Toronto