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We are passionate, diverse, and committed students at the University of Toronto.

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Hudson Yuen logo

Statistics, Comp. Sci - 2021+PEY

Emir Hermanto logo

Industrial Engineering - 2T0+PEY

Nicole Ing logo

Nicole Ing

Consulting Director

MEng, Industrial Engineering - 2021

Sean Xie logo

Sean Xie

Consulting Director

Industrial Engineering - 2T1+PEY

Jim Xiang logo

Jim Xiang

Learning & Development Director

MEng, Chemical Engineering - 2022

Cynthia Zhao logo

Cynthia Zhao

External Relations Director

Rotman Commerce - 2022

Julia Wang logo

Julia Wang

External Relations Director

Rotman Commerce - 2022

Ashna Malhotra logo

Ashna Malhotra

Human Resources Director

Industrial Relations & HR - 2022

Sanjana Bansal logo

Rotman Commerce - 2021

Andy Lin logo

Andy Lin

Marketing Director

Rotman Commerce - 2022